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July 26, 2006

Problems with software security cause problems for Georgetown University Hospital

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According to wired another software has caused a leakage of information of patients, this time it was the turn of InstantDx from Maryland-based e-prescription firm. Yet another step in the hard way ahead.. lessons learned hopefully.


July 5, 2006

The(Doctor )is logged in …

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Business week last week contained an article on telemedicine. Its not first time this has cropped up in books “The world is flat” too has similiar references. As with any services in knowledge economy the work tends to float towards where there is cheap labour. It appears to me that there are a few things that mihgt have been overlooked. For starters that would be the privacy of the patient. Yet another one would be the threat to which the patient is exposed due to bugs in software. How about security of the software, it would be an interesting target for anyone from petty criminals to intelligence agencies….the rest is left to your imagination. I am sure inspite of all the risks this sector would grow..

June 18, 2006

NHS IT program in news again

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NHS and its overpriced overdelayed IT program has come to public attention again for the wrong reasons. Interestingly enough, in a country where ID cards caused so much heated debate, this has remained under the radar. All major IT projects in UK have failed in the past, this is very well known. The patient data of millions of NHS patients would be put into an untested system. The implications of it are to be seen. The price which NHS patients would ultimately might have pay might be those of thier lives only time could tell.

June 9, 2006

UK government interested in security and privacy of patient data ?

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 I happened to attend Trustguide workshop, an intiative by industry and goverment of UK ( DTI). The feed back from this supposed to go back to folks who make policies, interestingly enough we were asked what do u think about NHS IT. The folks in the room, mostly Phd students in ISG didnt seem to think it was a great idea. And the mediator/presentor seems to think the same. Hope the voices of concern reach someone in power who cares about this.

May 8, 2006

Hacking health

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An interesting talk on Electronic Patient Records in The Netherlands. The bittorrent to the whole lecture is available so is the slides, very interesting observations from who doenot claim expertise on either healthcare or security.

April 7, 2006

Health privacy

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An interesting article about health privacy titled Protect Your Health Privacy

March 17, 2006

Open Source vs. Commercial Software in healthcare

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I had posted my thoughts on open vs commercial software in healthcare. I found an interesting post in Healthblog,you could guess, where the blog is from. Interestingly enough there is reference to security of Vista EMR ( look who is talking ). Assuming that level of security provided remains at current levels, I would be suprised if there are no serious implications to privacy and security if a transition to so called commercial OS and applications.

March 16, 2006

How about computer viruses infecting you ?

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An interesting post on slashdot set me thinking. RFID’s are used in medical procedures, what would that mean, computer viruses infecting humans ( with RFID’s). The acceptance of RFID’s has raised few eyebrows regarding privacy more interesting events may be on the horizon

March 6, 2006

Thoughts on “Best language for secure healthcare applications”

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The post on Shahid’s blog on choice of language for secure applications, has generate a few responses. This reminds me of excerpts from an interview of John Veiga. The future i beleive is going to head towards the trusted computing side of things. So the real choice would be what  models offered in trusted computing does these languages support,  read  proprietory  or closed.

March 1, 2006


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The possiblity of meeting other healthcare bloggers as the Healthcare Informatics Conference is being organised in Harrowgate three weeks from now. Some of the talks seem interesting plus there is a student discount (now I have to hunt for my NUS card)

I wish I could be in San Deigo for HIMSS 06 the bloggers are planning to have a meet 🙂

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